Let’s measure the width. Measure the width between the fixed rings at both ends of the curtain rail. We will give this width a margin of 3 to 5%. Let’s be careful as there is a possibility that it will not close unless this is enough. Next, let’s consider how to open the curtain.

Depending on the width of the curtain and the intended use, choose double opening or single opening. Let’s choose according to your desired interior and design. With the best curtains in Singapore you will have the essential deals now.

One piece is tailored. Both opening is also called tailoring. In case of double-opening, half of the length measured will be one sheet length.

  • Select dough with light-shielding property and sound insulation property
  • There are also fabrics with high light shielding properties and high sound insulation properties.
  • There are also many other functional fabrics in addition.

Light shielding property

The light shielding factor is a numerical representation of how much light is blocked. It may be classified according to the light shielding ratio. Mainly 1st grade shielding ratio is 99.99%. The second class has a light blocking rate of 99.80%. The third grade is 99.40%. If you have a shading function, you can sleep comfortably without disturbing sleeping for those who are concerned about the light on the street at night, or those who sleep during the day. Conversely, it is not suitable for those who want to wake up with the morning sun.

In case of pathological jaundice, it seems that there are many cases to be understood within 24 hours after birth. In this case treatment is necessary, but breastfeeding can continue.

In order to investigate the cause of jaundice, a hospital examines the blood and examines the bilirubin value. There are also tests to see if symptoms are prolonged due to breast milk, whether breastfeeding is temporarily stopped and the appearance is seen.

Although there is an examination to stop breast milk, breast milk stopping, there is fear that breast milk will go out. Whether to inspect breast milk, consult a doctor fully.

As a method of treating jaundice in a hospital, “phototherapy” is applied to babies to apply a light called “virilite”.

Tips to care for breast milk jaundice at home

Breastfeeding jaundice until when in case of breast milk jaundice without worry of morbid causes, I would like to relieve symptoms of babies with care that I can do at home. Then, what kind of care method is available for breast milk jaundice? You can rent your phototherapy for home treatment with us now to get the deals.

Frequently give breast milk

As bilirubin is discharged outside the body with feces, breast feeding frequently helps to drain excess bilirubin.For babies who have jaundice, it is better to breast-feed at least 10 to 12 times a day, but giving water gives the opposite effect.

Previously, it was said that as a care method of breast milk jaundice, “It is good to give water.” However, recently, it is known that symptoms are not alleviated even if extra moisture is raised.

If you raise your baby’s moisture, you will lose breast milk. In addition, raising the water in a baby bottle may cause teat confusion.Mother is serious, but let’s give breast milk as many times as possible, and help to release bilirubin.