For rooms where there are various components of installations such as pipes, cables, pipes, etc. Floating floors are the most intelligent and elegant way to hide them.

These involve the laying of steel structures over the substrate, and then wooden boards are implanted, which perfectly imitate the parquet. Where it is desired, the floor can be covered with carpet or carpets.

Wooden floors for elegant interiors

Massive or laminated parquet is the ideal solution for covering areas with special thermal properties. Unlike other materials, wood is a natural raw material that removes anonymity from any room due to new customizable technologies.

Sturdy, elegant and available in a variety of shades, the parquet turns your home into a cozy and welcoming home.With the good vinyl plank flooring in Singapore you will find the proper deals now.

Floors covered with carpet for a protective and warm home

The mattress is easy to fix on the entire surface of the flooring and provides the rooms with a neat look, high thermal comfort, but especially a pleasant feeling for walking. This is ideal for the living room, child’s bedroom or bedroom and has a high resistance to traffic and wear. In addition, the carpet is available in a wide range of colors, prints and modern d├ęcor.

It’s a joy to have big windows at home. You have natural light, the room looks more inviting, and if you see a beautiful view, you’re really lucky. That until the time comes to clean the windows. No matter where you sit, block, house, in the center of a crowded city or in a picturesque village, your windows will not get rid of dust. And, on a regular basis, you’ll have to start cleaning windows.

It is an unpleasant job even when you have small windows, but it must be done at least a few times a year. Especially in summer, when the amount of dust in the air is even bigger, cleaning the windows is something you have to do if you want to look to the glass with pleasure.

If you want a good and lasting result, it’s good to use more than water to wipe the windows. The water contains a lot of calcium, which can affect the window in time. A good washing solution can be made from one deciliter of vinegar mixed with five liters of hot or cold water. This solution will also remove more difficult or oily stains.The well known home cleaning services are essential here.

Ammonium Bicarbonate And Special Cleaning Solution For Very Dirty Windows

If your windows are very dirty, add half a cup of ammonium bicarbonate and a spoon of liquid to clean the solution above. If you use ammonia to clean the inside of the window, which goes to the room, make sure that you blow the room very well after you clean the windows.