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Anyone know release date for gorge green 97s x undefeated?




@nike @nikebasketball when are you guys releasing the 4th style jersey is it community?



Nyc 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

90% black people.

@negar_lavasani_ سلام وقتتون بخير امشب اگه هيئتي يا جايي تشريف مي بريد دوست داشتين بگين باهم بريم.من منتظر جوابتون هستم🌹😊.مرسي

Dope af👌



They rip

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They ripped

Keep up the hard work!

Nike drop your prices @adidas is winning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!



@kujt.rrukiqi Cool!👏👏👏

شهران العريضة 😎 🔥

Cool Pic... 😊😎👏🖒

Love it





wow o my gad

Like the cell black tango

Where can i find the jacket??

Se vuoi saper chi son cotesti due, la valle onde Bisenzo si dichina del padre loro Alberto e di lor fue.

Aí @nike patrocina nois 💎

Ora chi se?’, ti priego che ne conte


How about a deal @nike

@khatere_sk_ سلام اگه از دستم ناراحت شدي من ازت معذرت مي خوام گرچه مقصر من نبودم.يعني به همين سرعت يادت رفت؟ جواب بدي با بديه؟ من ٢٩ سالمه.دوست داشتي اين شمارمه با هم صحبت كنيم.0912-4946893 بازم شرمنده .❤️❤️😊😊🌹🌹💋💋💋

Best nba jerseys yet


@khatere_sk_ سلام شب خوش خبري ازتون نيست.تماس نگرفتي گفتم خودم حال و احوال كنم😊😊🌹🌹❤️❤️




Unbelievable new posts!

I like it♥️

Keep grinding!

Amor condusse noi ad una morte

Born Ready Just DO IT 💪💪💪





@s.g.s.g.s.g.s.g.s.g.s شادي دايركت تماشا كه اه

@s.g.s.g.s.g.s.g.s.g.s تو تماشاي كه باوه اه سيين كه يارا م تويش

They rip to easy


Das sieht vol cool aus

Those jerseys are terrible



Amazing !!!!!!! Genial

genti che laura nera si gastiga

esperienza desto giron porti

Cool 👍🏻


fix them

Ripping like tissue

Jerseys so light they'll feel like paper...cause that's what they are

Worst quality jerseys in modern NBA history.

Ben Simmons' jersey just tore apart last night.


They look cool when they aren't ripped

The cutest :grinning:

bruh tell me why @bensimmons jersey ripped

!!GREAT!! keep working!!!!


Do not buy these! @nike when are you guys releasing an apology?


All the NBA jerseys hung up are so cool 😄😄😄😄

@nikebasketball 🐐

@jumpman23 yeah

paper mache jersey



Always love your content!



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