Inspired by the hardwood heritage. Couture creator @riccardotisci17 teams up with NikeLab to celebrate the elite athleticism of basketball. This off-court collaboration is available now at

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Donates some clothes please for christmas!!! 🇧🇷🇧🇷ajuda ❤❤




Totally rocks!

I would be glad, if you look past my side. It is worth it.





WOW ❤️


Mendekati cuk


This is awesome!

It is pleasant to see..





@denizmossofficial @denizmossofficial @denizmossofficial

Well, norms, Th!) Yes, better look what I have a tan!?!)))

Love the creativeness!

Nice 🍏

Casi todo suceso es ??nico


Hi, @nike please,will these nike by @riccardotisci17 come to São Paulo ?



What does it mean?

Paradise paper 😳🤑🤢☠️


I was a Division one athlete few years back, i wonder how i can model for Nike ! That would be a dream opportunity, it's time to employee and model real athletes !

This is awesome :)

Very nice


@jaydenrenken23 answer me or I'm putting pictures of you on my Instagram


Amazing post as always my friend!!! <3

Gorgeous! Love this!



Fascinating one

So cool


what is hardwood heritage?

a mi hijo -soldado de todas las naciones-

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Taccia Lucano ormai la dov e tocca




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