Shalane Flanagan. After years of medals earned on the world stage, and a grueling 9-month injury recovery, her legacy is cemented on the streets of NYC, as the first American woman in 40 years to win the #tcsnycmarathon . Geoffrey Kamworor. Made his mark in the mud as a world cross country champion. Took to the track for titles won. Turned to the roads to face the world’s best in the marathon. And set a blistering pace on the concrete of NYC, to capture his first major marathon victory. Congratulations @shalaneflanagan and @geoffreykamworor on your triumphant breakthrough victories in NYC.

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Good for you,how do you keep from having chrlie horses


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Congrats! Very inspiring

Why advertise the Vaporfly 4% when it continues to be rarely available? Last I heard from the Nike customer support team, it's not going to be offered anymore?

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AWESOME!!! congrats to both!!!



I knew you could do it:)

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حلوه جدا


Hard work pays off

Congrats girl

Irish strong ☘so happy and proud of you!




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I wanna be model for this brand 🙂


Girl power

I’ve meet her

Keşke calışanlarınada önem verse birazz nerdeeeeeee!


Great job


Que fino🎇🎇🎇🎇

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I mean nike





Well done.

Awesome 🖤🖤

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Very sweet :)

Shalane 💪💪💪🍾

Llegare cuando el viento

You are my favorite





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Welcome 😊



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