#choose Instagram(インスタグラム)の画像・動画

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Jesus says "Remain in me as I remain in you" this = Partnership with Jesus, partnership with God! So Jesus is in us and we live THRU him.. Know your identity, you are not a victim of anything! If you are a Christian, Jesus IN you restores, repairs and heals everything. Every hurt, every wrong, every abandonment, every abuse of every and any kind and He heals ALL. Look in the mirror every day and say "hey! I am the one Jesus loves! I am the most loved son/daughter"! When the enemy whispers in your ear, when your enemies scream words of condemnation, judgment and abuse just shake it off!! Remember whose you are, remember that every knee will bow and all will confess He is Lord! How many will He say to, “although you did many great things in my name, I never knew you"? Get your heart right people.. You are made in His image, which is Love! If your actions don't line up with 1 Corinthians 13, check yourself, check your heart.. Are you really a follower of Christ? I wonder what the world would be like if this was the message we were spreading instead of all the rage, instead of fueling the fire of racism, instead of endorsing and enforcing the mindset of slavery, instead of talking and acting just like the world? Seems it would be so much better to build people up, educate them about who they really are and what Gods Word says they can have - As a man thinks in his/her heart, she/he IS! #loveiscolorblind #kingdommindset #you #can #become #anything #everything #you #choose #to #be #befree #belove #bereal #lovewell

10/23/2017 3:51:26 PM 2
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#空 #雲 #夕陽 #夕日 #夕焼け #夕暮れ #夕飯 #高速道路 #京都 #そらとも #グラデーション #フィルム #ブレスレット #カメラ女子