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Cucinare per gli amici.. . . “Si cucina sempre pensando a qualcuno, altrimenti stiamo solo preparando da mangiare” . . ~ Risotto ubriaco con zucca, bastardo del grappa e guanciale stagionato al brandy ~ . . #fatandlove #friends

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Dia yang ada di foto itu❤ Dia memang kadang menyebalkan, maunya menang sendiri, rada gila. Tetapi, cuma dia yang bisa buat aku jadi diri sendiri. Gatau kalo sama dia serasa hidup ini lepas aja gitu. Gada beban hidup gitu Adu paan sii? :'( Emang kali ini aku nulis gajelas bangett. Tapi rasanya ingin aja nulis kek gini :) #friends #vsco

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2017 has been an AMAZING year for our #littlebigcompany Sell Your Stuff Spain SL. SYSS started 2017 with our best foot forward and was awarded 3rd fastest growing website in Spain for the first quarter of 2017 on google. 🥉Www.sellyourstuffspain.net We moved back to Spain in August after taking 12 months in the UK and straight away spent 7 week being filmed by Chanel 5 launching our promo edition of the SYSS MAGAZINE (it will be on TV in January Katie and claudine can be found hiding behind the sofa) The SYSS MAG will hit businesses, airports, bars and shops in January 2018 and the advertising space sold out in just 4 days also our March edition advertising space is already being snapped up, We're so excited!!! In September we worked Benidorm Pride (with film crew in toe) and November we attended Benidorm Fiestas and rocked it, loved every minute and were so excited for next years events... all 7 of them It's been such a sucsessful year for SYSS myself and Claudine can't wait for the launch of the magazine and we will be personally delivering them all over the Costa Blanca If 2018 is half as amazing as 2017 we will be heading for big things with the company growing my the day! A huge thank you to all our team members and clients this year and my biggest thanks goes to my amazing side kick Claudine who is the sazzle to my pazazzle and has been the sparkle to my smile this year. ❤️ #smile #sysstravel #syss #sellyourstuffspain #syssmag #happy #littlebigcompany #friends #workforit #gorlbosses #spain

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Just over 5 years ago, I was in a pretty dark place. Although I was the same person and thought positive things I was just surrounded by too much negative and truly was taking over! I made a fresh start and decided to live life for myself! Whether you’re happy or not people have a habit of wanting to suggest things to you that could make you happy, like boyfriends, jobs, things etc! It didn’t phase me but I remember all of that happening! Even now it makes me smile because I knew anything meant to happen would when it was time for it. I’ve travelled and seen so many amazing places, met so many people around this earth and learnt so much! I’m so grateful for my life and everything I have or once had! #life #memories #liveinthemoment #travel #friends #patience #grateful

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