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It's been a long 3 days. My hair is a mess, all my muscles hurt, and I think I need a hip replacement. BUT. I moved out of Bankstown and my new safe place is almost finished and organised. I'm finally in a place of peace. #newbeginnings #ididit #imatpeace #bringon2018

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never worry about the size of your Christmas tree. In the eyes of your children, they are all so tall ️ #ididit #happinessisputtingupachristmastree 🤗 #allchristmastreesareperfect ✨

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God søndag️, jeg klarte å klemme inn en økt nå på morgenen. Om litt skal jeg holde foredrag i styrkemodul, blir både teori og praksis God og aktiv søndag til deg

12/17/2017 8:40:09 AM 2
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7 months of hard work = Rotorua Half ironman. A 2km lake swim, 90km bike ride with a few killer climbs and a 21km hilly trail run. You don't get a medal with 'swim bike suffer' on it for nothing. Still can't believe I did it. Simultaneously the most challenging and amazing day I've ever had. #rotorua half #triathlon #rotorua #newzealnd #halfironman #ididit

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I’m all good! Took 12 hours of X-Rays, NO FOOD OR WATER, pain, discomfort, gnarly tubes, and transferring from Hoag to UCI, but I am OKAY!!! Blockage is GONE, going on bed rest for a day, then goin’ back to livin’ my LIFE!!!!! Thank you all SO MUCH FOR YOUR PRAYERS, LOVE, AND SUPPORT!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!! #cleanbillofhealth #allpatchedup #roughday #outofthehospital #aok #thumbsup #unicorntattoo #handtattoo #inkedbabe #badassbitch #ididit #allbetter #thankyougod #thankyouall #iloveyou #xoxo #stilettobecca

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I did it.... today’s goal was to eat more than 1000 calories and I DID IT No matter how hard days are and how much pain there is, keep moving forward. The smallest victories lead to huge successes. This evening we went to see the new Star Wars movie and it was great. I don’t really understand the whole Star Wars story and I still thought the movie was great.

12/17/2017 8:07:30 AM 2

First build. Cable management is a mess. Should've bought modular psu. Additional 2 RGB fans installed. Ryzen 5 1600 and RX 560 combination is good enough for budget build, since gpu's price is unstable rn and i want my procie to last for another 5 years. #ididit

12/17/2017 8:02:46 AM 0
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Tonight I went ice skating for @outlinesx 's birthday celebration. The last time I went skating was 6 years ago, where I fell and injured my calf. While in line, I almost decided not to go because I didn't want to fall and hurt myself like that again. Instead, I didn't want to let that fear of injuring myself prevent me from having a good time. I didn't fall on the ice and ended up enjoying myself. I am so glad I went! . #iceskating #downtown #ididit

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Failure will never overtake me because my determination is to strong! 🤓 #ididit

12/17/2017 7:37:10 AM 14
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I finally have proof of a Virginian sunset! It was so pretty On another note: what a semester! It was so hard in unexpected ways, yet so rewarding. Adulting and studenting at the same time is not easy, so for all the young college students out there, count your blessings! I'm amazed that I got all A's and B's this semester. The last time I did school full time, I failed a majority of those classes, so I'm very grateful my inner Hermione rose to the challenge! One semester down, 6 more to go. #svu #svuedu #svuknights #beaknight #virginiasunset #sunset #ididit

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