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El amor debe ser como la anestesia! No se debe sentir nah de nah! #reality #01 #next

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On this auspicious occasion of Diwali , Let's burn the judgement we shoot to another human . Let's light peace and positivity towards every other face we see everyday .. No prediction ; no any effort to find flaws ; only acceptance and never ending love ! Let's not forget that "People never hang their character in a wardrobe , They choose to wear clothes in which they are comfortable Or they pick up stuffs to look more fashionable" So burn your thought of pointing out on someone based on what they wear ; Burst it like the way you burst a cracker ; Let the smoke dissolve in the air Let this shitty presumption move off from your mind for forever... May me and you and everyone realise; How beautiful we all are , sitting tight together, Under one shelter , One universe , where we cannot build home out of each other ! Dark perfection #happydiwali #igpoet #igpoet ry #poetry #poetsofig #igwriters #igwritercommunity #igwriting #bymepoetry #inkedup #penning #writing #realshit #reality #poetry #poetry community #poetry night #poetofindia #poetess #datingthoughts #wordstoliveby #poetry isnotdead #poetry islove #poetry isart #poetry islife #love #hugs #nojudgement #acceptance

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why didn’t i die? we were like 5 people, i didn’t know all of them that well i didn’t even know his name, and i never saw him after this; we were at the beach, by the shore and decided to go for a swim so we jump into the beach, and although it wasn’t deep suddenly, i swear suddenly, the tide comes up and the waves start becoming crazy and the more we wanted to swim to shore, the more the tide kept pulling us back the more i tried to push myself to the top to gulp a tiny breath of air, just to fucking stay alive, the more the huge, loud waves would crash on my head every 2.5 seconds and would spin me with it,  take me with it into its circular journey deeper into the ocean into the silence. is it time for me to panic? i start to feel like this isn’t a joke anymore am i the only one drowning? am i the only one having a hard time staying alive? it was a constant battle to steal a breathe and when i looked around, i saw struggling arms and kicking feet but there was this one guy who was struggling much more than i his eyes were open so wide, and it was filled with so much condensed fear, for he couldn’t shout it was really quiet down there. and as i swam up to try to breathe i move towards him, and lift him as i go and we both manage to gulp some air and the waves manage to pull us back down and i try again to push us up again, and i don’t know exactly how it happened but at some point he puts his feet on my shoulders, and he pushes himself up to gulp some air i let him pushing me deeper into the silence. now i know i can hold my breathe for like 30 seconds, but i swear this was much longer, i even had that flashback thing we see in movies but i wasn’t seeing my past, or my loved ones i was thinking of the homework i didn’t finish and the groceries i didn’t buy and my lungs where starting to burn, like fuck but i forced myself to stay focused, ’cause i can almost smell the air and i eventually do. just as suddenly as the tide came in, the tide came back out and threw 5 choking humans laying on its shore tired as fuck surprised as fuck scared as fuck at what just happened, making us wonder how we all came out alive. - - - - #thoughts #reality #story #onceuponatime

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Your new dining room floral arrangement with sacraficial goat jaws -3d modeling + photo sketch

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