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When ur 16 yo sister is the same size as you now

12/4/2017 12:15:48 AM 5

Mildly obsessed with the new NARS Power Matte Lip pigments, this one is in the shade London Calling. The formula in this lipstick is AMAZING... i can’t get over how revolutionary the formula is. Damn @narsissist ... now all you need to do is stop selling your products in China.

12/2/2017 4:49:23 AM 5

Since makeup is not my only passion i figured i would start posting a little about what i cook! I’ve been vegetarian for around 8 years and I’ve recently started eating “plant-based vegetarian”. Meaning i am not completely vegan, but i avoid dairy and eggs as best i can. Tonight i made spaghetti squash bolognese! Roasted spaghetti squash for pasta, tomato garlic sauce with @traderjoes soy chorizo sausage, topped with nutritional yeast for b12 and shredded soy cheese! Spaghetti squash is a great low carb replacement for pasta.

11/30/2017 4:30:58 AM 5
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