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Over the years I can tell that God's immeasurable grace and Love has been my pivot and pillar. This song blesses me time and time again when I listen to it and I'm sure it will bless you too Just in case you have at any point enjoyed God's love and grace please download and if you feel you haven't listen to it and let it help you reflect on God's faithfulness and Love more importantly *Hallelujah (Declaration Song) - Titi* Available Now for Download!!! Click to view | #TribePetraMusic #titilolaoloyede #kimwalkersmith #music magnate #music minister #petrachristiancenter #soundsofpetra #music #thefestivalconvention #joyishere #pastorayoajani

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Still water will always stink. Regardless of how clean the water was initially when it stays too long in a particular spot it STINKS. Good news is when it rains the water will naturally flow and that stench isn't there anymore. Just in case you feel like you have stayed in a position for too long the rain has come to make you flow into the Ocean. Join Pastor AYO Ajani tomorrow 9am at Petra Christian Centre on Oriwu street by Elf bus stop Lekki epe expressway Lagos state and you'll be glad you did You can thank me later though for more info just follow @pastorayoajani or @petrachrictiancentre

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You always glow brighter and you are more attractive when the environment seems darkest, just turn on the Light. That investment in real estate can still happen this year. Its not too late Contact @I_amphelix for Land at its cheapest rate and @ niyiice does magic with designs too. DM me or call/ WhatsApp on 08130410470 #landedproperties #landinlagos #lands #property #property agent #multiplestreams #myownfarm #estate agent #estate #oxfordinvestments #oxfordcommercialservices #financialfreedom #finance #realestate #realtor #ownyourapartment #ownyourhome #myownhome #lagos #investment #ineedland #landinvestment

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The good Life is actually reserved for a selected few. The ones who have decided to break status quo and not allow doubt kill the burning desire to birth their dreams. Are you still pondering on what to Invest in? Ponder no more!!!! Real Estate is still one of the most Lucrative investments you can be sure won't depreciate. You really do not need to have the total some of the cost of a Land!!! How? you can simply decide to pay 50% of the cost of a particular Land, leave your money for 6months and get the exact same value on investment in Land form its called Land Investment Returns (LVR) I'll explain more on subsequent posts but incase you can't wait for the post to know more DM or call / WhatsApp on 08130410470 #realtor #realestateagent #myownfarm #myownhome #oxfordinvestments #oxfordcommercialservices #ownyourapartment #ownyourownhome #landinvestment #iamalandlord #estateagent #financialfreedom #multiplestream #lagos #plotoflands #acres

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Dreams don't die because you failed They die because you doubted Determine to make your dream become a reality and don't allow doubt kill I want to own my own Home, Office,Estate, mall, whatever it is you can still make it happen. Call or WhatsApp 08130410470 to acquire your own land at amazingly discounted amount (shimawa, otta, Ibeju Lekki, Festac, Agbara, Abeokuta, Ibadan) E.T.C Remember it is doubt that kills a dream and not failure. @niyiice modelled #realtor #realestateagent #shoppingmall #myownhome #myownfarm #landinvestment #landinvestment #propertyagent #ownyourapartment #ownyourownhome #oxfordcommercialservices #oxfordinvestments #landlord

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Contemporary design is the new fresh in Nigeria. You just bring the design @niyiice will put the touch to it and of cause @i_amphelix will make the location available Shimawa, ibeju Lekki , Agbara, Festac, oya, imota, Ajah, Ibadan, Abeokuta, ETC. Remember doubt has killed more dreams that failure itself. You just contact us on 08130410470 (WhatsApp and calls) or send a DM We will be more than willing to birth your dream Home or Office or complex or Hotel, and make you happy The year hasn't ended yet so you can still make that investment in Real estate and secure a tangible investment for the future #realtor #realestateagent #ownyourapartment #ownyourownhome #propertyagent #iamalandlord #landinvestment #oxfordinvestments #oxfordcommercialservices #myownfarm #myownhome

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That dream house can be yours. Think it @niyiice will make the model and of cause @i_amphelix can get you the land in anywhere in Nigeria. Don't hesitate Its almost the end of the year and I believe you can still Invest in something huge and secure a future worth living in DM, call or whatsapp on 08130410470 We are just a click away

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Yes it was done in Lagos Nigeria by my very own Niyiice. Don't hesitate to bring your home designs and models asap. Follow @niyiice

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Great and powerful ideas can be lost and copied without its originator getting any form of recognition or recommendation if the idea was poorly conveyed. Any smart person can take it , run with it and break grounds with it. Make a mark with your initial entry into the public space in whatever you do and let others be the followers. Bottom line, ensure you be the leader at whatever you initiate.

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This is what hustle can look like in Nigeria sometimes Iyana iba traffic and yet you can still get your car washed. Let the hustle pay (in sister Nkechi's voice)

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