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So I’ve had the most amazing response to my fragrance and it’s selling out fast! I’m working with my factory to make sure that we can get more for you guys in time for the holidays! I am so so grateful to everyone who bought theirs and I’m seeing all your tweets saying you’ve received them already and are loving them!! Thank you guys!!! We still have limited quantities left, and I’ll keep you guys posted on the restock

11/17/2017 6:02:46 PM 4584
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Love this glam using @kkwbeauty by @makeupbyariel & @chrisappleton1 for LACMA

11/16/2017 1:12:56 AM 12425

Today’s the day!!! Go to at 10am PST to get all 3 fragrances. Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Gardenia Citrus & Crystal Gardenia OUD

11/15/2017 6:18:48 PM 3612
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Wait it’s tied with Selena. This was my fave too!

11/10/2017 4:56:38 PM 24234

My fave Halloween costume this year was Sonny & Cher

11/10/2017 4:49:12 PM 7189

Took this pic of the tiled ceiling in this hotel I stayed at in San Francisco. Same room JFK stayed in and rumor has it Marilyn Monroe snuck in from the roof top

11/9/2017 8:18:59 AM 5942


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