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• i found my winter ✨aesthetic✨. this mug is glazed on the inside, but bare, sanded porcelain on the outside. it feels so amazing cupped in your hands, i just wanna walk around rubbing it all day.

11/16/2017 1:49:04 AM 6

it's over? was it terrifying?? oh well...guess i'll just have to keep this spooky boy to myself...

11/3/2017 11:36:37 PM 9

Last chance to get yo self a baby skull and view the "Baker's Dozen" group exhibition @little_berlin is this Sunday! Pictured: Precisely 100 Baby Skulls by Maritza

10/25/2017 10:27:02 PM 5
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We will be tabling at SOCKTOBERFEST this Sunday, come thru! 7001 N Park Dr, Pennsauken Twp, NJ

9/28/2017 1:27:18 AM 3

made this one as a gift, but i liked it so much, maybe it's just a new design? happy mugshot monday!

8/28/2017 1:35:43 PM 5


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